AstroSnap Pro V2.1
(For Windows 2000/XP/98)

TRY AstroSnap Pro FOR FREE during 30 days
Request a demonstration license
(see below)

Download and installation procedure

1 - Download AstroSnap Pro V2.1 (Installer , 5.9 Mb)

2 - Install the software on your computer

3 - Run AstroSnap Pro and follow the instructions below to get a demonstration license :


Click "?" in the menu, and choose "About..."


Click on "Registration"


Type your name or Alias
Click on "Install"


30 day demonstration license
click on the corresponding button.

note the informations above and go to the following page


4 - Order a definitive license

To support further development for AstroSnap software, the requested contribution is of 35 Euros

If you have your Registration name and your installation code
then proceed below



User's Manual

Astrosnap Pro is multilingual (French/English/Spanish/German)

The included User's Manual is now in English

Click on one of the flags below to download the corresponding user's manual

Français - French


Anglais - English download (1.9Mb)


You can download the upgrade to version Version 2.2
(version 2.1 must already be installed on your computer)

The user's manual is not yet finished for this version.

  download (2.65Mb)
Upgrade from version 2.0x to version 2.1
download (1Mb)
Upgrade to Version 2.0d (Installer)
download (1Mb)
Upgrade to Version 2.0c

download (1Mb)


AstroSnap LITE (Free)
(not maintained anymore)

For Windows 2000/XP/98 : AstroSnap version 1.3f2 (Zip 542Kb)

English Translated html help file available here as_help (745Kb)


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