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Astro-Snap allows you to take astronomical pictures at low cost with a WEBCAM.

Astro-Snap is a software with revolutionary features :

- Simple image acquisition or real time frame integration (standard or loop frame integration).
- Real time planetary video processing (at capture time)
- Long exposure acquisition with the following cameras (modified following Steve Chambers' design) :
Philips Vesta-SC, Toucam-SC, Quickcam Pro3000-SC.
- Image resolution up to 800x600
- Focusing aid based on a star's apparent size (FWHM), along with sound indicator for remote tuning
- Focusing aid on complex objects,along with a sound indicator for remote tuning

- Image stabilization and automatic tracking of the object in the camera's field of view.
- Automatic Dark or Flat-Field processing
- Can let you make pseudo long exposures without tracking needed.
- Automatic image selection based on each frame's quality (planetary imaging).
- Manual or automatic saving of bitmaps.
- Very fast and precise Polar aligning aid using two popular drift align methods : Bigourdan and King.

- Can display a configurable graduated reticle
- Can measure objects in real time.
- Can measure the P.E. (periodic error) of your mount displaying a graph, as well as tracking speed error.
- Can help you determine the declination of a star.
- Motion detection (for shooting stars)
- A new interface for long exposures
- It can now control telescopes (with a software handpad) with the following interfaces :
- LX200
- Achay (serial port )
- Bonduelle (parallel port)
- Kitsr'us kit model 74
- Michael Koch's serial port Relay Interfaces (Currently woking on FS2 interface compatibility).
- Autoguiding
- A new self-guiding feature for cameras modified with Steve Chambers' #2 mod.
- You can now also control focusing, if you're using an LX200 telescope with the Meade electric focuser.
- Can do autofocusing with the above configuration.

- It shows Video image information : Saturation, brightness values histogram.
- Can replay captured bitmap sequences as a video, and do light post processing (aligning and stacking).
- A new polar aligning method has been implemented : the KING method

- and much more (See the software snapshots below)
















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AstroSnap's web page is back !!

AstroSnap's web page was victim of a hacker on July 15th 2012.
I just finished restoring all the pages

Thank you for your patience !

Download AstroSnap Pro 2.1 (Shareware)

Astrosnap Pro is multilingual (French/English/Spanish/German)

The default User's Manual is in English



Download Astrosnap v1.3f2 (free)

For any suggestion or if you need any information, please write to me: acanicio@astrosnap.com

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